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Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae: The Latin Lives of the Welsh Saints

The funding for the current ‘Cult of Saints in Wales’ project will come to an end in March 2017, and we are currently completing work on the online editions and exhibition at the National Library of Wales.

However, we are delighted to report that new work on saints lives in Wales will continue as the result of the award of an AHRC Research Grant. From January 2017, a new three-year project, ‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae: The Latin Lives of the Welsh Saints’ will be run by the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies. The Principal Investigator is Professor Paul Russell (ASNC), and the Co-Investigators are Dr Rosalind Love (ASNC) and Dr David Parsons (CAWCS). Dr Martin Crampin (CAWCS) will continue his work on the project and Dr Ben Guy (ASNC) has been appointed as one of two Research Assistants who will work on the new editions.