Editions of medieval texts

Guidance note (22/4/22)
Given ongoing delays in uploading fully formatted digital text, we have today begun to upload new editions in pdf format (beginning with two versions of the Vita Teliaui). This is intended to be a temporary measure (though we appreciate that the pdfs will be useful as backups, and they will remain accessible when the digital editions are completed). To cite our work - whether digital edition or pdf - we suggest that you do so via this contents page, as 'Vita Sancti Asaph, ed. D. Callander, online at www.welshsaints.ac.uk/theedition/, Introduction', etc. Dates of publication are also given here, and any substantive revisions will be marked as such and dated. We have paginated the pdf for convenience, but the pagination will not be reproduced in the digital versions and it is preferable to cite by section, or line or note numbers to ensure consistency.

Vita Sancti Asaph, ed. David Callander (published 15.2.21)

Moliant i Feuno (Anon.), ed. Eurig Salisbury (29.12.20)

Llywelyn Fardd: Canu i Gadfan, ed. Ann Parry Owen (20.10.18)

Vita Sancti Clitauci (Liber Landavensis/Vespasian A. xiv), ed. Ben Guy (12.9.19)

Gwynfardd Brycheiniog: Canu i Ddewi, ed. Ann Parry Owen (20.11.20)
Iolo Goch: Mawl i Ddewi Sant, ed. Dafydd Johnston (12.11.18)
Lewys Glyn Cothi: Awdl-gywydd i Ddewi Sant, ed. Dafydd Johnston (12.11.18)
Rhisiart Rhys: Moliant i Ddewi, ed. Eurig Salisbury (29.12.20)

Syr Dafydd Trefor: Moliant i Ddeiniol, ed. Eurig Salisbury (29.12.20)

Vita Sancti Dubricii (Liber Landavensis/Vespasian A. xiv), ed. Ben Guy (2.3.20)

Vita Sancti Oudocei (Liber Landavensis), ed. Ben Guy (25.4.22)

Buchedd Martin, ed. Jenny Day (23.12.20)

Gruffudd Nannau: Moliant i Fwrog, ed. Eurig Salisbury (31.12.20)

Lewys Daron: Moliant i Bedr o Rosyr, ed. Eurig Salisbury (29.12.20)

Vita Sancti Teliaui (Liber Landavensis), ed. Ben Guy (22.4.22)
Vita Sancti Teliaui (Vespasian A. xiv), ed. Ben Guy (22.4.22)

Dafydd Llwyd of Mathafarn: Moliant i Dydecho, ed. Eurig Salisbury (3.3.21)

Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr: Canu Tysilio, ed. Ann Parry Owen (24.9.19)

Saints of Brycheiniog
Huw Cae Llwyd: Moliant i seintiau Brycheiniog, ed. Eurig Salisbury (21.2.20)

Saints of Morgannwg
Rhisiart ap Rhys: Moliant i seintiau Morgannwg, ed. Eurig Salisbury (29.12.20)

The Saints
Huw Cae Llwyd: Moliant i’r seintiau, ed. Eurig Salisbury (29.12.20)

Related Print Publications

Jane Cartwright, Mary Magdalene & Her Sister Martha: an edition and translation of the medieval Welsh lives (Washington D.C.: Catholic University of America, 2013).

Barry J. Lewis, Medieval Welsh Poems to Saints and Shrines (Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2015).

Jane Cartwright, The Cult of St Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2016).

Patrick Sims-Williams, Buchedd Beuno: The Middle Welsh Life of St Beuno (Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2018).

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