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Seintiau Cymru, Sancti Cambrenses

A volume of essays containing a wealth of new research on different aspects of literature concerning saints in Wales, hagiography, poetry and genealogy.

Paul Russell at the at the Welsh Manuscripts Conference

Seintiau Cymru, Sancti Cambrensis: Astudiaethau ar Seintiau Cymru, Studies in the Saints of Wales has been edited by David Parsons and Paul Russell, and is published by the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies. It contains sixteen essays in Welsh and English by members of the two AHRC projects and other scholars who contributed to the ‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae / Lives of the Welsh Saints’ conference in Cambridge in 2019. The volume was launched at the Welsh Manuscripts Conference at the National Library of Wales, jointly organised by the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies and the National Library of Wales to celebrate the publication of A Repertory of Welsh Manuscripts and Scribes, c.800-c.1800 by Daniel Huws.

  • Ben Guy, ‘The Vespasian Life of St Teilo and the Evolution of the Vitae Sanctorum Wallensium’
  • Joshua Byron Smith, ‘The Legend of Saint Brendan in Cotton Vespasian A.xiv’
  • Andrew Rabin, ‘Crime, Law, and the Justice of the Saints in Medieval Welsh Hagiography’
  • Barry Lewis, ‘Approaching the Genealogies of the Welsh Saints’
  • Paul Russell, ‘Translating Saints: the Latin and Welsh Versions of the Life of St David’
  • Jenny Day, ‘The Later Lives of St David in NLW MSS Peniarth 27ii, Llanstephan 34 and Peniarth 225’
  • Sarah Waidler, ‘A Welsh Hagiographical Export: The ‘Irish Recension’ of the Life of St David and the Cult of St David in Ireland’
  • Martin Crampin, ‘A Dove at his Ear: Imaging St David’
  • Jenny Day, ‘The later Lives of Mary of Egypt in NLW MS Llanstephan 34 and Cardiff, Central Library MS. 2.633’
  • Jane Cartwright, ‘The Welsh Versions of the Life of Gwenfrewy’
  • Ann Parry Owen, ‘ “Canu” Beirdd y Tywysogion i’r Saint’
  • David Callander, ‘Agweddau ar Naratif a Strwythur y Cerddi Cymraeg i’r Seintiau’
  • Francesco Marzella, ‘Gerald of Wales and the Life of St Caradog’
  • Thomas Clancy, ‘St Cadog in Scotland’
  • Paul Russell, ‘The Afterlives of St Melangell (alias Monacella)’
  • Martin Crampin, ‘The Imagery of Saints in Medieval Wales’

The book is available to order for £25.00

ISBN 978-1-907029-32-5
394pp + xxiv, hard cover