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Summer Conferences 2019

Past and present members of the project team were busy presenting papers at several international conferences this summer.

The project organised three full sessions at Leeds International Medieval Congress on 1 July 2019, amounting to nine papers in all, by past and present members of the project team:

I: Welsh Saints in Wales

Barry James Lewis, ‘The Latin Hagiography of Medieval Wales: How Much Have We Lost?’
Angela Zielinski Kinney, ‘A Saintly Cadence: Rhythm, Rhyme, and Style in the Vita Gundleii’
Jenny Day, ‘Modernizing, Rationalizing, and Innovation in the Welsh Life of St Mary of Egypt’
(chair: David Parsons)

II: Welsh Saints beyond Wales

Rosalind Love,’ The Travels of St Cadoc’
Francesco Marzella, ‘ “Amicus Dei Caradocus, de Cambria oriundus…”: Editing the Lives of Welsh Saints in Nova Legenda Anglie’
Paul Russell, ‘Two Adaptations of the Life of St David’
(chair: Jenny Day)

III: Texts and Images

David Callander, ‘The Kentigern Charter, I: A Neglected Text from the St Asaph Manuscripts’
Ben Guy, ‘The Kentigern Charter, II: Saints, Property, and the Foundation of the Bishopric of St Asaph’
Martin Crampin, ‘A Revival of Saints in the Imagery of the Church in Wales’
(chair: Barry Lewis)

Further papers by the past and present members of the project were also presented at the 16th International Congress of Celtic Studies in Bangor (22–26 July). Those that were  most relevant to the project included:

David Callander, ‘Testunau Cymraeg mewn Antholeg Dairieithog: Yale, Llyfrgell Beinecke, Osborn fb 229’
David Parsons, ‘The Limits of Llan: The Anglo-Saxons and the Saints of the Early Welsh  Church’
Martin Crampin, ‘Celtic Saints by Celtic Studios: Saints in Stained Glass’

In April, David Callander spoke about his recent discovery of the Yale Life of Cybi, at the Celtic Studies Association of North America Conference, Harvard, and in July, Martin Crampin presented his work on images of saints in Catholic churches in Wales at the Catholicism, Literature, and the Arts II: Legacies and Revivals Conference, Durham.