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Stories of the Saints Conference


Past and present members of the ‘Cult of Saints in Wales’ and ‘Vitae Sanctorum Cambriae’ project and advisory panels met in Aberystwyth for the ‘Stories of the Saints’ conference at the National Library of Wales on 3 June 2017.

Speakers addressed the Latin and Welsh Lives of David; the Welsh Lives of Martin and Collen; twelfth-century Welsh poetry to saints; and continuity and invention of traditions surrounding Welsh saints.

The conference marked the final week of the ‘Stories of the Saints’ exhibition at the National Library of Wales, organised by the project team in association with Library staff.



Dr David Parsons, ‘Saints crossing boundaries: the development of the Seintiau project’
Professor Paul Russell, ‘Translating the saints: the Latin and Welsh versions of the Life of St David’
Dr Alaw Mai Edwards, ‘Milwr, abad a meudwy: Collen Sant a’i Fuchedd’
Dr Jenny Day, ‘Aspects of the cult of St Martin of Tours in medieval Wales’
Professor Ann Parry Owen, ‘Y ‘canu’ i’r saint: ailystyried y tair awdl o’r ddeuddegfed ganrif’
Dr Martin Crampin, ‘King Lucius, St Elfan, Pope Eleutherius, Baron Merthyr, and the coming of Christianity to Wales’
The Right Reverend J. Wyn Evans, ‘St David, the afterlife of a saint’