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Ninth Bangor Colloquium on Medieval Wales

Ann Parry Owen speaking at Bangor.
Ann Parry Owen at the Bangor Colloquium of Medieval Wales

At the colloquium on 20 October 2018 Martin Crampin will give a paper on ‘The Imaging of Saints in Medieval Wales’, and Ann Parry Owen will deliver a Keynote Lecture on ‘Cain awen gan awel bylgaint – Canu Beirdd y Tywysogion i Gadfan, Tysilio a Dewi’ (Fine poetic inspiration brought by the dawn breeze: the Poets of the Princes’ poetry for saints Cadfan, Tysilio and David}.

Ann will be drawing attention in the lecture to her new edition of Canu i Gadfan which will be published on the website during the Colloquium.